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Shoulder Pain

intense shoulder painIf you’re feeling pain in one or both shoulders, there’s a good chance it’s coming from your neck. We’re seeing an increase in posture-related pain at HealthyWays Integrated Wellness Solutions, as electronic devices cause people to hunch forward for long periods.

The “tech neck” position of carrying your head too far forward in front of your body often leads you to round your shoulders, throwing off the trapezius muscle, which connects your shoulders and neck. Pain may then show up in the form of a tight neck, achy shoulders, headaches, or all three.

Many people also suffer from shoulder pain because of rotator cuff problems and recurring trauma due to daily activities and work-related ones.

A Comprehensive Approach to Wellness

For most patients, we first care for the neck, then work our way down to the shoulders. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, our providers also do posture correction, stretching, joint mobilization, and general strengthening of the muscles involved in each movement you make. Shockwave therapy can also be helpful, as can joint injections for pain management.

A targeted rehabilitation approach is also key to correcting shoulder problems.

Helping You Build a Healthier Lifestyle

If your discomfort is caused by improper posture, we’ll talk with you about some simple tricks to stay on top of good posture throughout the day. Our chiropractors will cover proper ergonomics at your workstation if you have a desk job. We may also talk to you about supplementation to ensure your body gets all the building blocks of healing.

Everyone’s timeline to healing is different. Our goal is to start resolving acute pain first. You should begin feeling better within your first few visits. After that, we’ll focus on responding to the cause of discomfort and relieving tight tissues, so you can count on feeling your best long term.

One high school freshman was the starting pitcher on the varsity baseball team. Firing those muscles so intensely caused serious shoulder pain. We determined that shockwave therapy was best for his situation. After just one session, he was back in the game. With regular care, he’s been feeling great ever since.

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