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Sports Chiropractic in Gibsonia

At HealthyWays Integrated Wellness Solutions, chiropractic care and rehabilitation are the core of what we offer. We augment that with medical care as needed to support your goals.

Athletes subject their bodies to more trauma than most people. Helping your body adapt to the stresses of your sport is what chiropractic care does. When your spine and nervous system work as they should, your body can heal itself and perform at its highest levels. For athletes, performance is everything!

We see athletes from high school age on up. You don’t need to be injured to see a chiropractor—chiropractic care is also effective for athletes who want to avoid being injured in the first place.
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Avoiding Injuries

Some sports involve a lot of contact, while others depend on repetitive motions. Whatever your sport requires, the structures of your body are under stress. Chiropractic care can help maintain the biomechanics and proper function of your body by restoring proper movement in the spine and extremities. When your body functions as it should, you are less likely to be injured.

If you are injured, chiropractic care can help speed healing and get you back in the game quicker.

Improving Performance

Your nervous system controls everything your body does, so when it’s not working as it should, your body can’t perform as it should. When joints in your spine don’t move properly, nervous system function is impaired. By restoring proper motion to these joints, we help restore proper nervous system function. Then the messages between your brain and body are delivered as they should, and your performance may improve.

Our Approach

As with our other patients, athletes will receive a comprehensive exam. We will generally do a more in-depth functional evaluation to assess specific biomechanics related to your sport.

Rehab is an important component of sports chiropractic, and Dr. Joe is a Diplomate in Rehab with the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board. We also offer instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization (IASTM). Our nurse practitioner can provide joint and trigger-point injections, bracing and more.

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